Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Radio Interview on KGO about my business, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Hole in the Wall: Featuring Driftwood Acupuncture & Wellness in San Francisco

Recurring sinus infections, as bad as five bouts in a single year, sent Anita Lang Bakar searching for an alternative to western medicine. Lang Bakar found relief after seeing an acupuncturist, with her infections disappearing completely, and decided to become an acupuncturist herself after seeing the impact the treatment could have.
Lang Bakar is now the proud owner of Driftwood Acupuncture & Wellness, located on Buchanan Street in San Francisco, where she treats anything ranging from the common cold to chronic pain.
Host John Rothmann (filling in for Brian Copeland) chatted with Bakar and her patient, Kurt Grannis, to learn more about her business and dispel common misconceptions surrounding the practice.
More information can be found at driftwoodacu.com.
If you know of a small business that deserves to be featured on the show, send us an e-mail at HoleInTheWallKGO@gmail.com. Remember the business must have only one storefront, be from one of the nine Bay Area counties and you cannot have a personal connection to the owner.
Listen to the full segment below.



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