Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Botox-Free guide to looking younger

Skincare                    May 7, 2012 4:20 PM

The Botox-Free Guide To Looking Younger

Holistic medicine has been used for eons by those seeking solutions to their ailments that don't involve medication or invasive surgeries. Now, many women are turning to the ancient practice of acupuncture to also help erase fine lines.

"For good health of the skin and body, you need to make sure that energy is flowing sufficiently in the right direction and in a balanced nature," says Dr. Jingduan Yang of the Tao Institute in NYC, whose patients include Norma Kamali. "When energy is blocked, it can cause all kinds of dysfunction. When your body is healthy and happy, it manifests on your face. Acupuncture is part of an integrative approach to address stress and maintain the health of the chi."

Dr. Yang says it's important to start young with acupuncture, not to wait until you are in your 40s and starting to see problems. Stopping that energetic imbalance before it happens will ensure your skin stays in prime condition. If you have a specific health issue, Dr. Yang suggests getting acupuncture two to three times a week for about six weeks. If you are just looking for health promotion, he advises going once a week, or once every other week. "When I treat you, I'm not just treating your face," he says. "You come to me because you want to invest in health and wellness, slow down your aging process, and prevent disease from happening. Acupuncture is a tool for people who are looking for health and wellness, and as a result of this health and happiness, they end up looking better, too."


  1. Hmm, I don't know what to say about this....At first people were afraid of needles, reason why they were searching for an alternative to botox, and now the alternative is acupuncture?:)))))
    I will keep having my botox Ottawa sessions until some better alternative will appear, or until their will make botox last longer because I'm not very glad that after 5 months I have to go for another round of botox:)

  2. The basic difference comes down to this:
    You can't overlook the fact that you are injecting yourself with Clostridium Botulinum....

    You may be trading from a botox needle to a small, hairthin, acupucnture needles, but you certainly aren't injecting yourself with a toxin.

    With Facial rejuvenation acupuncture, you actually not only treat the face, but the whole body as we believe that each wrinkle or blemish is the representation of something happening somewhere else in your body.
    So in addition to making you look good, you will also feel good as we will strive to rectify any imbalances in your body.